September 13, 2017

Mark Ammar’s Saturday Session

As Edmonton welcomes the change of autumn leaves and a subtle wind chills your bones, c’mon down to warm up with an afternoon of Blues in St. Albert at LB’s Pub. Mark Ammar’s Saturday Jam Session happens from 4pm-7pm (open to the general public), and he has invited Miss Rae to grace the stage with a Free Concert from 7pm-8pm. Accompanied by a few Midnight Ramblers, the band includes: Jimmy Guiboche on electric guitar, Grant Stovel on drums, and Chris Grapel on upright bass. No Minors please.

Miss Rae_LBs Pub Poster_Sept 16th 2017

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July 29, 2017

Mercury Room Review

All Photos by the talented Edmonton photographer, Ed Ellis
From our gig at the Mercury Room • June 3rd, 2018
02 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_0781
04 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_002924 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_058015 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_040314 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_030708 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_106209 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_110611 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_114712 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_045413 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_042022 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_038819 - Miss-Rae-&-The-Midnight-Rambers_The-Mercury-Room_June-3,-2017_Photo-by-Ed-Ellis_IMG_0264

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June 20, 2017


Miss Rae_CANADA DAY 150_POSTERThe WORKS Festival presents Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers to help celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary.
Back-up band features Canada’s Prime Players:
Clayton Sample on electric guitar
Grant Stovel on drums
Septimus Alexander on tenor saxophone
Chris Grapel on upright bass

Churchill Square • Downtown Edmonton
SET: 2:30pm – 3:15pm

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May 19, 2017


With a vibe that’s equal parts Deep South, front porch Blues, and smoky Parisian nightclub Jazz. Miss Rae returns to the stage with the Midnight Ramblers for the first time in 2017! Edmonton’s gypsy songstress, Billie Zizi, will perform an enchanting solo opening set. Saturday, June 3rd, at the Mercury Room, 10575 114street.
Doors open at 8p.m. Concert at 9p.m.
Advance tickets are $12 at
Tickets are $15 at the door

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