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Although young at heart, Miss Rae is an old soul who will take you on a trip back in musical time. Her honeyed voice drips with Southern Soul, front porch Delta Blues, and a smoky Parisian nightclub Jazz feel. Raised on crackling vinyl; Billie Holiday and Big Mama Thornton were her initial vocal teachers. A woman of mixed ancestry, she channels her African roots by delivering a passionate and powerful performance on stage. She treats every concert as though it were her final show. After 5 years of performing professionally, Miss Rae has been compared to the likes of Etta James and Amy Winehouse.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Cheyenne Rae Bruneau’s father was the lead singer/guitarist of a popular heavy metal band, but it was her mother who rightfully exposed her daughter to Blues. The Sidetrack Cafe was a great place for a 9 year-old to soak up the sounds of local talent and gain an appreciation for a higher caliber of music. 17 years later, she is currently playing with two musicians whom she greatly admired as a youngster, Grant Stovel and Clayton Sample. As a shy teenager, Cheyenne applied for a scholarship to attend Rachelle Van Zanten’s ‘Rocker Girl Camp’, which instilled in her the confidence to sing on stage and sparked a desire within to write her own material.

At 16 years old, she moved out to ‘Friendly Manitoba’, living on her own in Winnipeg for the next 6 years. Where she began photographing musicians for magazines and delving into their Roots  & Blues scene; attending hundreds of concerts each year. Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club is where Miss Rae’s voice evolved on stage by singing at their Sunday Night Blues Jam hosted by Big Dave McLean.

After winning 1st place in the 2012 Harvest Moon Songwriting Contest in Clearwater, MB and performing on their festival stage a capella, Miss Rae then set out to assemble the Midnight Ramblers, composed of Winnipeg musicians who could add grit to a velvety voice. In 2013, Miss Rae produced and co-wrote her first album, Big Boned Woman, with guitarist, Vince Andrushko. The band began gracing the very stages she once photographed musicians on, but traveling beckoned Miss Rae elsewhere.

A woman of wanderlust, Miss Rae ventured out to the Southern United States for 40 days. Embarking on a ‘Blues Journey’ throughout Mississippi, discovering country’s twang in Nashville, getting in touch with the roots of soul in Memphis, to falling in love with the Creole culture and being inspired by the mesmerizing talent in New Orleans.

At 23 years old, Miss Rae pursued her dream of living in France, and moved to Paris, where she performed for nearly two years. She rented a charming yet quaint studio apartment in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, and found work as a bilingual nanny during the day, while singing at night. Her favorite jams were the Sunday Night Blues Jam at Le Caveau des Oubliettes (near Notre-Dame), and the Monday Jazz Jam at Sunset Sunside , located on the famous Rue des Lombards. Paris is home to many spectacular Jazz players, but Marc Loy is the Howlin’ Wolf of France.

One day, while waiting for a train, a beautifully intricate Hendrix melody echoed through the Métro station, as Jeff Loiselet played his guitar with a looping machine. Jeff’s electric sound intriguing contrasted against Miss Rae’s voice, and the duo quickly transitioned from busking in Métro stations and onto the stages of Paris; bringing a sense of soul to the French music scene. In 2015, Miss Rae was invited to perform for a packed house at the Festival Jazz Sur Seine, presented by Paris Jazz Club.

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Now, at 26 years old, Miss Rae resides in Canada, presently based out of Edmonton and working on writing her sophomore album, Wild Rose, which is to be released in June 2018. The album will be recorded on analogue at Edmontone Studios, and it is funded by the generous support from the Edmonton Arts Council.

Key players of The Midnight Ramblers are:
Clayton Sample • guitar
Grant Stovel • drums
Chris Grapel • upright bass
Septimus Alexander • tenor saxophone

As a Duo, Miss Rae features local bluesman, Warren ‘Magic’ Chan on guitar.

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About the Debut Album, Big Boned Woman:
Throughout the span of 3 days in early August of 2013, the original line-up of Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers (featuring Vince Andrushko, Tom Twisty Fodey & Dan Levasseur) spent 14 hours recording their 11 original songs in the ol’ fashioned analogue style, using vintage equipment at the former 
Empire Recording Studios in the core of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, and then releasing the album later that same month.

“Midnight Oil” placed in the Semi-Finals of both the 2013 International Songwriting Competition & the 2014 Unsigned Only Competition held in Nashville, Tennessee. During October 2014, “Revolver Man” reached #1 on the Top 40 National Aboriginal Music Countdown radio charts in Canada. Songs from Big Boned Woman have receieved radio play throughout North America and in Italy.

Former Members/Special Guests of the Midnight Ramblers:
Jimmy Guiboche • Electric Guitar (2017)
Jeff Loiselet • Electric Guitar (Paris, France 2015 – 2016)
Lymon Brown • Tenor Saxophone (*Rest In Peace* 2014)
Dan Levasseur • Drums (2012 – 2014)
Johnny Richards • Upright Bass (2014 & 2016)
Vince Andrushko • Electric Guitar (2012 – 2013)
Tom “Twisty” Fodey • Bass (2012 – 2013)
Chris “Mama” Bauer • Drums (2013)