October 19, 2014

#1 on the National Aboriginal Countdown!

Miss Rae and the Midnight Ramblers_Revolver Man_October 2014_#1 Top 40 Aboriginal National Countdown_Revolver Man_Top Canadian Charts_Week 15 “Revolver Man” reaches #1 this week on the Top 40 National Aboriginal Countdown charts! Thank you for the love Canada! To celebrate, you may download the song for FREE on Soundcloud until next Sunday.

October 23rd marks Miss Rae’s first month of living in Paris, so stay tuned for stories and photos from the City of Love & Light!

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September 17, 2014


Miss Rae (aka Cheyenne Rae) receives a mention in The Blues Bohemian when music lovers from all corners of the world congregated to experience a weekend of soulful tunes in the small town of Clarksdale, Mississippi for the 2014 Juke Joint Festival.

Miss Rae sings on the street with the Blues Wizard from San Diego ©Ray Proetto Photography

Miss Rae sings in the streets downtown with the Blues Wizard from San Diego
©Ray Proetto Photography

“Cheyenne is a beautiful woman with light coffee skin; dark, short, curly hair; plenty of curves; and a jazzy, soulful voice which grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Suddenly, she began singing along with Jesse on guitar to Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful.”  Everyone immediately stopped whatever they were doing and listened with their mouths agape. Cheyenne moved and swayed as though her voice was escaping from her body rather than being pushed out of her own free will.”  — Ray Proetto (Blues Bohemian)


Revolver Man has reached its 11th week on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown Chart, taking the place at #6 out of 40 tunes spinning weekly throughout Canada! Thank you dear listeners & DJs.
Miss Rae and the Midnight Ramblers_September 13th 2014_#6 Top 40 Aboriginal National Countdown_Revolver Man_Top Canadian Charts_Week 10 copy

Here are a few images from our gig at MAW’S Eatery that went down earlier this month, it was a splendid evening with plenty of new faces, and the group of swing dancers made the reunion show even more delightful. All photos by Victoria McCrea.

01_Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers live in Winnipeg at MAW'S_Sept 4 2014_Photo by Victoria McCrea

06_Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers live in Winnipeg at MAW'S_Sept 4 2014_Photo by Victoria McCrea

03_Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers live in Winnipeg at MAW'S_Sept 4 2014_Photo by Victoria McCrea

05_Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers live in Winnipeg at MAW'S_Sept 4 2014_Photo by Victoria McCrea

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September 2, 2014

FREE Show in Winnipeg • September 4th

Invitation_Miss Rae Live in Winnipeg at MAW'S_FREE SHOW_September 4th 2014_WEB

Miss Rae sings in her beloved town of Winnipeg for one night only on Thursday, September 4th. For six years Miss Rae lived in ‘Peg City, moving to Manitoba independently when she was 16 years old, the city raised her by immersing a curious mind into the music capital of Canada. Winnipeg will always hold a fond place in Miss Rae’s heart, as the cultural hub where she was first able to tap into her musical and film abilities. Winnipeg proudly supports local talent, encouraging the city’s artists so that they strive to reach their highest potential. As a thank you, Miss Rae performs a FREE Reunion Show as a trio, featuring co-songwriter of Big Boned Woman, Vince Andrushko on guitar and Tom “Twisty” Fodey on bass. An evening of Delta Blues at MAW’S in the Exchange District. Music begins at 9:30p.m. No Minors

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August 25, 2014

Edmonton Farewell Show • August 30th

Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers_Bon Voyage_Edmonton on August 30_2014_Newcastle Pub

Sponsored by CKUA Radio Networkyou are invited to:
Bon Voyage! Miss Rae’s Edmonton Farewell Show. Saturday, August 30th, is your last chance to catch us performing 3 full sets of Soulful Delta Blues in Edmonton as Miss Rae relocates to Paris, France this fall.

Featuring Clayton Sample (The Rockin’ Highliners) on guitar, Johnny Richards (Sam Spades Band) on upright bass, and Dan Levasseur on the skins. With very special guests later on in the evening.

$10 cover  |  No Minors
Doors at 8:00pm
 |  Music at 9:00pm
Newcastle Pub  | 8170-50st 


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August 23, 2014

Soul City • Tennessee’s Roots

03_Memphis_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

On a muggy Thursday night at 2am in April, I found myself stranded and wandering around a deserted downtown Memphis. Without enough cab fare on hand to return to the hostel, thus far I had only hitchhiked twice during my two month venture, and that night I felt an intense uneasy warning in my gut about taking such a risk. Fortunately, a sweet friend let me crash in her Motel room, but I’ll always remember those lost hours in between where I really had to re-evaluate my street smarts.

This frequently populated touristy area had now transformed into a ghost town, illuminated by hazy neon signs. At 3am, I found myself sitting on a iron bench in Beale street, puffing on a child-sized cuban cigar that leaves a smoky honey aftertaste on your tongue (for those of you who know me, I only smoke once in a blue moon, so this was a rare act to pass the time). I briefly close my eyes, only to open them and notice a man scuffling about in the shadows. He slowly creeps over to sit down on the opposite end of the bench. With grey frayed hair, his glassy eyes stare wildly in my direction.

Remaining calm, I reject this strange man’s lewd proposal as he glances at the bushes, recognizing that his ‘offer’ is masking as a cry from a desperately lonely person. He accepts a cigar, then we sit in silence for a few moments before he shifts tones and begins opening up about his recent heartbreak, while telling tales of life on the streets in Memphis. About half an hour passes and it is time for me to move along, so he requests a song. I ask him to close his eyes as I start to sing Son House’s “Grinnin’ In Your Face”. At the end of the tune, his smile reveals a few missing teeth. When we part ways, I am reminded to be thankful that our meeting had turned out so neutral. Strangers may only be two people who cross paths for a single moment, sharing a hushed understanding of a life that was, and the contrast of what lays ahead on our separate journeys.

10_Memphis_Downtown Sunset_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

Memphis Music (on Beale street) was one of my favorite record stores in the States, as my inner sassy mama jumped with glee upon purchasing a Big Mama Thornton album on Record Store Day. Memphis Music also sells nifty bottle neck guitar slides.

Enjoyed visiting the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum:
14_Memphis_WHER FM__April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
“For the earliest days of radio, women have been active in broadcasting as announcers, writers, advertisers, engineers, and executives. In 1955 Memphis’ WHER, owned by Sam Phillips, became the first station in America to feature only women on the air.”

15_Memphis_Portable Recording Studio circa 1950__April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne RaePortable Recording Studio circa 1950
“This reel-to-reel recorder and mixing board were used by Sam Phillips to record undiscovered blues musicians in rural area — sharecropper’s house, country stores and small juke joints.”

16_Memphis_Neon Signage__April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae Old signage salvaged by the museum.


04_Memphis_Lorraine Motel_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

April 22nd, 2014:
Visited the Lorraine Motel this afternoon, the site where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a sniper on April 4th, 1968 at 6:01p.m. He was pronounced dead at 7:05p.m. Upon hearing the story for the umpteenth time and viewing video clips, something inside me shifted as I stood in the vacant parking lot, and tears began slipping down my cheeks.

I cried for those visionaries who were taken from this world too soon. 
I cried for the homeless woman I had hugged earlier,
whose voice shook as she asked for help and the people around us scolded her. 

I cried for those who believe that change lingers just out of reach. 
I cried for 14-year-old Emmett Till who was beaten to death in 1941
by two white men who considered themselves heroes for killing a black boy. 

I cried for those who feel stuck and trapped by their social standing. 
I cried for those who still experience racism and oppression on a daily basis. 
I cried for those who feel unloved and unworthy. 

Thankful for the silence, the wind gently whistled on past to clang with a nearby chain.
I took a few deep breaths and relaxed. I have no shame in crying,
it’s a natural human release from built up empathy. 

Visited the STAX Museum afterwards
and that sweet soul music lifted up my spirits once again.

17_Memphis_STAX Sign_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

“On this site stood STAX Records, Inc. which boasted such stars as Otis Redding, Rufus and Carla Thomas, Isaac Hayes, the Staple Singers, Albert King, the Bar-Kays, and many others. It relied upon its deep soul roots to carry it through struggling from a back-street garage in 1957 to becoming a multi-million-dollar organization.”

17_Memphis_STAX_Aretha Franklin on cover of TIME Magazine_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

19_Memphis_STAX_Leather Record Bag_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

20_Memphis_STAX_Wall of Records_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
My stay at the Pilgrim House Hostel (Cooper-Young district) was a lovely area, and I met a number of ladies & gents who had travelled from around North America to either move to or visit Memphis. On my last evening there I was grateful to be given a midnight tour of the iconic Ardent Studios. Among many greats in the sixties, like Sam & Dave, current artists who have recorded there include the impressionable Cat Power, and an emerging duo hailing from Austin, Texas known as Greyhounds – their debut album, Accumulator has been predominantly spinning on Miss Rae’s August playlist.

21_Memphis_Rum Boogie Cafe_Photo by Cheyenne RaeMiss Rae had a swell time jamming on stage at the Rum Boogie Cafe, the place is covered with signed guitars from a variety of musicians. Earlier that same night while walking down Beale street, a woman named Minnie actually recognized Miss Rae from when she was singing in Mississippi that previous weekend; jamming at the Juke Joint Festival where she sold out of all her CDs. 

00_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

11_Memphis_Trees_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

02_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

05_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne RaeThe best soul food I indulged in while experiencing Tennessee was at Imagine Vegan Cafe

04_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

06_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

07_Memphis in April_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
I’ll always recall when I first rode the Memphis city bus to the hostel, and as a blind black man disembarks from our bus, he turns to the driver and pleasantly says,
“May you have a blessed day Sir.” (turns to us passengers)
“May you All have a blessed day.”

Humanity is beautiful.
If Nashville is the heart of Tennessee,
then Memphis are its lungs.

(Stay tuned for a chapter on Miss Rae’s adventures in New Orleans)

Have a listen to this stunning songstress based out of Memphis, Miss Valerie June.

*All Photos © Cheyenne Rae Photography

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July 11, 2014

2014 Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist

Our sultry slide tune, Midnight Oil has been selected out of 8,000 worldwide entries for the Semi-Finals of the 2014 Unsigned Only Music Competition based out of Nashville, TN!

2014 Unsigned Only_Miss Rae and the Midnight Ramblers_Midnight Oil_Semi Finalist

The other hot little slide number, Revolver Manhas reached #20 on the Top 40 Aboriginal Countdown ChartThank you to everyone who requests our tunes on the radio.

Miss Rae and the Midnight Ramblers_July 11 2014_#20 Top 40 Aboriginal National Countdown_Revolver Man_Top Canadian Charts

Miss Rae

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June 9, 2014

“Revolver Man” is the second tune off our debut album, Big Boned Woman to enter into the National Aboriginal Music Countdown!  The song takes the 34th spot on its 3rd week in the charts, thank you for your requests and votes dear listeners.
Miss Rae

National Aboriginal Music Countdown_Miss Rae & the Midnight Ramblers_Big Boned Woman_Revolver Man blues song_Top 40 at 34_JUNE 3-10 2014

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May 28, 2014

The Magnolia State

John Lee Hooker Sign_Blues Pilgrimage in Clarksdale_Mississippi_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

There is magic in the Mississippi River. Its water has blessed the earth, producing some of the most fertile soil in the South, and home to various Blues Greats who were born in the Delta: Charlie Patton, Howlin’ WolfSon House, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Skip James, Robert JohnsonMuddy Waters,  John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, Mississippi John Hurt, R.L. BurnsideWillie Dixon, B.B. King  and the list continues growing to this day.

02_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

An older man in a Nashville bar whispered a warning to me before I left, “The further down you go in the States, the blacker it gets, watch yourself now.” I laughed and said with a smile, “Oh I can’t wait to get in touch with my black roots!” Mississippi is home to some of the friendliest folks, while the entire state feels like a small town, because people always smile and say hello when you walk on by.

04_Riverside Hotel_Sign_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
Clarksdale, MS
stands out as one of my favorite southern spots on the map. After getting through on a payphone, I was fortunate enough to book a last minute bed during the week of the bustling Juke Joint Blues Festival. I spent 6 nights at the Riverside Hotel in room #6, the very same room where John Lee Hooker had slept in when he’d pass on through to perform, and Sam Cooke used to sleep a few doors down.

02_Riverside Hotel_Keys to Room #6_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

Across the hall, an open door leads to a somber space where sunlight spills onto a bed dedicated to Bessie Smith, she died within those exact walls in 1937 when the Riverside originally operated as a segregated hospital for blacks only.

01_Riverside Hotel_Bessie Smith's Room_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

The current proprietor is Zee Ratliff, a generous, hard-working & kind-hearted woman who looks after the family business that her grandmother had begun in 1944, and who her dedicated father, Frank (better known as Rat), left his mark on. A young fellow by the name of Jesse also tends to the Riverside Hotel. On those warm spring afternoons in April, he’d sit out on the porch, and use a lighter as a slide to bend guitar strings into Delta rhythms. With his sweet Georgia accent, he’d often recount detailed stories of Rat’s sharp wit, sly humor, thoughtfulness, and quirky personality. In the front room, you’ll come across a stunning painting of Rat, and seeing the honest twinkle in his eyes reminds us that his spirit will forever live on at 615 Sunflower Avenue.

03_Riverside Hotel_Hallway_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

I experienced a few peaceful days of country silence in Clarksdale, right before the crowds came in droves for the Blues Festival. What a spectacular music filled weekend. My ears were spoiled by the sounds of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Rip Lee Pryor, Deak HarpCash McCall and Super Chikan. I had the good fortune of singing Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog” onstage with the incredible Stacy Mitchhart Band from Nashville, TN at the Ground Zero Blues Club (owned by Morgan Freeman & the Mayor of Clarksdale).

Cash McCall in Clarksdale_Mississippi_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
Cash McCall steps on up at the Bank downtown

Rip Lee Pryor_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

Then Red’s Lounge feels like you’ve stepped into a hazy orange lit living room, the musicians play on a rug situated in the centre surrounded by eclectic chairs, tables, and ribbons of smoke fill the air as sticky bodies stand side by side. Most people would always end their night at Red’s, it was by far my preferred juke joint in the States – they had a Sunday night jam to wrap up the festivities and the place was packed, I proudly represented Canada and sang my heart out as I was delighted to perform with their house band, The Cornlickers. Then there is Kingfish who definitely deserves a mention, he is one of the best young blues guitarist I have ever seen, and at the ripe age of fifteen years old, people call him a “Young Hendrix”. Most musicians I encountered in/from Mississippi are very humble, talented, and supportive of one another.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band_Live at the ROXY_2014 Juke Joint Festival_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band plays for a full house at The New ROXY Theatre

The salesman in town who sold me a Son House record at CatHead had moved from Nashville, drawn by the music. He gave us an honest opinion about the towns history, development, and current portrayal of Clarksdale. During the 1950s, each factory in town began closing its doors which led to a flurry of citizens moving to Memphis for employment.

Abandoned Building in Town_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
To this day, areas exists with particular living conditions which would not pass code in Canada. Passenger trains are no longer running, but the old train station has been renovated into a prime Delta Blues Museum that houses an array of beautiful old guitars, accompanied by musing stories of the blues men and women who made Mississippi a music staple.

06_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne RaeMiss Rae is on the lookout for a similar Resonator Guitar like this one at the Delta Blues Museum

05_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne RaeAn abandoned shack, one of many

01_Clarksdale_Mississippi_Photo by Cheyenne RaeNear the muddy waters of Clarksdale

I will always fondly remember Clarksdale, Mississippi, it feels like  a lifelong friend who you may not see all time, but with each visit, (and sip o’ pineapple moonshine) their warmth embraces your soul. Talk about small town charm, this one is a hidden gem folks!

Miss Rae

Greenwood Architecture_Mississippi_April 2014_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
An hour from Clarksdale is Greenwood, Mississippi, where you can experience a Blues Tour from the very knowledgeable Sylvester Hoover. The photo above was taken in the downtown area on a warm afternoon.

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May 20, 2014

Live in Edmonton • MAY 30th

WEB POSTER_Friday May 30_Miss Rae and the Midnight Ramblers Live at Brittany's Lounge_Edmonton

From the depths of the Mississippi, Tennessee & Louisiana – Miss Rae returns to Canada to perform with the Midnight Ramblers, featuring Clayton Sample (Rockin’ Highliners) on guitar, Johnny Richards (Sam Spades Band) on upright bass, and Dan Levasseur on the skins.


Each southern state has heavily influenced Miss Rae’s spirit and song. C’mon down to Brittany’s on Friday, May 30th and we’ll take you there. Prepare your ears for a series of tunes from the Delta, soul from Memphis, and we are even unleashing a special Johnny Cash cover.

$10 cover | No Minors
Doors at 8:00pm
Music at 9:00pm
Brittany’s Lounge | 10225-97street


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April 20, 2014

Music Pilgrimage • Nashville

First stop was Nashville, Tennessee for 10 days:

02_Nashville_Johnny Cash Museum_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
 03_Nashville_Johnny Cash Museum_Vintage Microphone_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
Vintage Microphone used for Cash’s last American Recording Material 

A sparkling Country infused City, filled with all kinds of honky-tonks that waft Hillbilly music onto Broadway’s streets. Nashville seemed awake and jumpin’ at all hours, 7 days a week. With a fondness for The Man In Black, I visited The Johnny Cash Museum. Admired a wall of his hit records on 45rpm, and learnt that he crafted traditional Native inspired jewelry. Although, it was disappointing that the exhibit barely touched upon Johnny & June’s relationship, I always considered her to be an integral part to the growth of his music. On display were multiple couple stage costumes, a photo of the two happily smiling on their wedding day (next to a collage of Cash’s first wife, Vivian), and then a tearful handwritten poem he wrote on the day of June’s funeral. Johnny passed on only 4 months after her. Overall, the exhibit left me with an strange sense of sadness. Johnny wore black for the poor, the sick, the weak, the wrongly accused, in an attempt to shed light on society’s realities.

“I’d love to wear a rainbow every day
And tell the world that everything’s okay
But I’ll try to carry off a little darkness on my back
Till things are brighter, I’m the Man In Black.”
- Johnny Cash

Nashville_Johnny Cash Hit Records_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

06_Nashville_Hatch Show Print_Photo by Cheyenne Rae The Famous Hatch Show Print Shop in Nashville, TN

Nashville_Robert's Western World_Photo by Cheyenne Rae

Nashville worked its magic by cheering me up at night, the venues seldomly charge cover, so you can sample a few tunes before moving along to another hot spot, and it’s custom to throw a few dollars in the musicians tip buckets. The best venue I frequented was the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar, tucked away a few blocks from Broadway in Printer’s Alley. Other notable places were Robert’s Western World, where I saw a phenomenal 19-year-old guitarist perform like he lived in the seventies, Daniel Donato is definitely going places with his Fenders. Right next door to Robert’s is Layla’s with the turquoise sign and hundreds of worn license plates hanging from the ceiling, they feature heavier foot-stompin’ hillbilly bands.

01_Nashville_Billy Hazelwood_Photo by Cheyenne Rae
Out of the many locals who I met, only one of them was a born ‘n’ raised Nashvillian:
Billy Hazelwood Born in January, 1935 
“I’m 79 years old, ‘n only made it up to grade eight before I quit school to help out with the family farm. God has been lookin’ out for this fool. Spent 37 years workin’ in a factory, Ford Motors it was, they treated me well.”

24_Nashville_BB King Live on April 7th 2014_Photo by Cheyenne RaeSaw B.B. King live at the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre on April 7th, he’s still given ‘er at 88 years old. Hearing Sweet Sixteen made my night.

Nashville_Apartment_Photo by Cheyenne Rae            This downtown apartment reminded me of a Beatnik Hotel from the ’50s.

I had the best time staying at a swanky downtown hostel, where I met fellow travellers and music lovers. The rain was kind in Nashville, I was lucky to be jumping puddles while people were shoveling snow back home. The cherry trees even blossomed during my stay, and on the day of my departure their soft petals filled the back streets as I carried my luggage to the Greyhound station, heading to catch a bus to the Delta.

22_Nashville_Cherry Blossoms_Photo by Cheyenne Rae



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